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AHO Mission

Advanced Health Outcomes has a mission of providing excellence in accountability and measurement consulting to healthcare stakeholders interested in improving the quality of care delivery and patient, provider and payer outcomes, while employing evidence-based interventions reflective of “real world” healthcare practice.

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Sharon Hibay, RN, DNP

About Us

Consulting with Intent

As the CEO of Advanced Health Outcomes and a previous practicing registered nurse, Dr. Sharon Hibay has offered healthcare services for individuals in many different settings and specialities since the early 1990's, including behavioral health, cardiology, gastroenterology and primary care. She has utilized clinical quality measures since the early 2000's,

reporting hospital and behavioral health measures to federal programs and implementing clinical

registries by applying evidence-based interventions to improve care delivery and patient outcomes.

As healthcare translational researchers, Dr. Hibay employs both measurement and performance improvement sciences, and considers the special needs of vulnerable populations and social determinants of health that inhibit equitable patient-centric care access and delivery. With the initiation of measure development in 2010, she began working with federal partners, measure developers, medical societies, providers and interested stakeholders to develop, implement and support endorsement of measures into appropriate measure programs and payment model, juxtaposing the needs of clinicians and the national goal of transforming healthcare into a value-based industry. 

As a consulting firm, AHO offers a service-oriented, customer friendly and transparent approach that exceeds goals and deliverable expectations. Our services focus on strategic planning, health policy interpretation, business development, proposal and teaming support, measure development, practice improvement, and educational support. AHO will always seek implementation strategies that focus on patient, provider and payer expectations, and target high priority and high impact performance value while reducing implementation burdens. 


Rebecca Saul, AA

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Women Owned Small Business





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541690, 519190, 541519, 541611, 541618, 541720, 541990, & 611710

Advanced Health Outcomes

is an equal opportunity employer.

We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an

inclusive environment

for all employees.

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