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Who We Are

Accountability & Measurement Authority

Advanced Health Outcomes (AHO) is a Healthcare Accountability and Measurement consulting firm with a mission of improving population health outcomes with patient-centric and provider-friendly products and services. We are authorities in healthcare policy and evidence-based medical and care delivery experts with extensive experience in all facets of clinical quality measure (CQM) development, implementation, endorsement, and evaluation. We believe that CQM activities must be judiciously implemented only when they demonstrate significant care gaps across populations, and that providers should not be penalized for community and population characteristics outside the control of healthcare delivery. Whether utilized for value-based care (VBC), measure programs, clinical registries, or professional certifications, high-stake accountability should always incorporate healthcare consumers needs and perspectives when defining evaluation outcomes. AHO offers a full range of strategic planning, teaming, solutioning, and proposal support, digital and electronically specified CQMs (d/eCQM), terminology, coding, and informatics experts. Most importantlAHO offers practice-based accountability solutions that genuinely reflect today’s care delivery environment, care settings, and patient-needs. AHO teams with many public, private, and non-profit clients, and partners, offering products that exceed our clients' content, timing, and budget expectations… services and capabilities that AHO may bring to your organizations!!!

Our Strengths

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Employ HIT, AI & ML for Interoperability & Accountability

  • HL7 FHIR Clinical Quality Information (CQI) Standards

  • CMS eCQI Resource Tool Support

  • MADiE d/e/CQM Development Focus & User Groups

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) guided healthcare insights

  • Telemedicine & Chronic Care Management Application Advisor

  • Health Risk Assessment & Calculation Strategies

  • Patient Reported Data API Advisor

Standardize Coding & Validation

in Care Delivery Documentation

  • Standards developer for semantic content & data validation

  • Ontology & Terminology Standards & Vocabulary Expert

  • NLM VSAC & Harmonization Standards Developer & Advisor

  • LOINC Nursing & Clinical Committee Members

  • SNOMED-CT & LOINC Coding Author & Maintenance

  • Private & Public Concept, Forms & Value Set Developer & Advisor

Create d/e/CQMs Prioritizing 

Patient,  Provider & Payer Values

  • d/e/CQM/FHIR Measure Developer to HIQR, HOQR, MIPS, QCDR, PQRS

  • Multiple HHS CQM Technical Expert Panelist & Methodology Advisor

  • Measures Under Consideration (MUC) Advisor/Submitter & JIRA Lead

  • Consensus Based Entity (CBE) Standards e/CQM Author & Endorser 

  • CBE Scientific Methods Panel (SMP) Senior Advisor

  • Health Equity SME stratifying SDOH in d/eCQMs & risk adjust in VBC models

Contact AHO to partner with trusted, nationally respected, professional, and results-driven 

healthcare consulting professionals to help your organization improve healthcare equity, access, quality, and outcomes.

Click here to download the current "AHO Services and Capabilities Statement"

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