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Bettering Populations with

Technology, Data & Measures

Healthcare Accountability Experts

Who We Are

Accountability & Measures Authority

Healthcare Accountability often challenges stakeholders who are focused on improving population health and enhancing care delivery and outcomes. Through Technology, Data and Measures, Advanced Health Outcomes will assist your organization with Strategic Planning, Health Policy, Clinical Quality Measures Development and Implementation, Practice Improvement Activities, and Educational Services targeting efforts that are meaningful to patients and providers. As a clinician, translation researcher, and measures and quality improvement authority, AHO is grounded in offering "real-world" improvement solutions that reflect actual healthcare delivery. We partner with public, private and non-profit organizations, offering deliverables exceeding our clients' goals and expectations. 

Our Capabilities

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Employ HIT to Connect Practice Improvement & Accountability

AHO employs Innovative Analytics, Health Information Technology (HIT) & analytic tools to develop solutions for "real-world" clinical practice (e.g., web-based applications, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), innovative data collections) to improve engagement and outcomes for healthcare end users - patients, providers, payers & stakeholders.

Apply Data Mining & Analytics to Measures & Improvement

AHO utilizes current interoperability standards and innovative mining techniques in manual & electronic documentation to cleanse, analyze & trend theorized to actual quantitative and qualitative population, practice and payment variations that drive healthcare delivery and outcome improvements, ultimately reducing unnecessary costs.

Develop Meaningful Measures to Drive Evidence-based Outcomes

AHO develops, harmonizes, maintains, and supports the endorsement and implementation of evidence-based, rigorous & meaningful measures & quality improvement products for 

accountability, performance improvement, clinical registries & local uses. Collaborators include: CMS, AHRQ, AMA-PCPI, ABIM, ACEP, AAN and many other measure stakeholders.

Interested in seeking advice from an expert and professional Healthcare Consultant?

Call AHO today and see how we may help your organization

improve healthcare delivery and population outcomes.

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